Barre Fit 芭蕾雕塑
April 21 (Wednesday) at 19:30


Class length
1 hour
Studio A, Happy Valley
Barre Fit is an elegant, easy to follow class that seamlessly blends strength training with ballet movements. Our instructor, a professional HKB dancer, will focus on proper form and posture and provide safe modifications for students of all levels. This new fitness class is a flow-based workout that uses the ballet barre to tone muscles and increase overall stamina. Get a lean, strong ballet body today!

芭蕾雕塑Barre Fit是一門優雅、輕鬆的入門課程,借助芭蕾舞的基本元素,完美融合力量訓練與芭蕾舞動作。舞團的專業導師將專注教授正確的體態和姿勢,為不同程度的學員提供安全指導。全新芭蕾雕塑課程結合芭蕾基本動作及有氧流動練習,以達致修長肌肉線條、增加柔軟度並建立整體耐力。您也可以擁有芭蕾舞蹈員的優雅體態!

Spring Workshops Schedule 春季工作坊日期
Date 日期:14/4, 21/4, 28/4, 5/5, 12/5, 26/5, 2/6, 9/6
Time 時間:Wednesday 19:30-20:30
Instructor 導師:Jessica BURROWS
Quota 名額:12
Fee 費用: $1,600 (8 classes) / $800 (4 classes) / $220 (drop-in)

地址:香港跑馬地藍塘道60號二樓Studio A (協和里入口)
Venue: Studio A, 1/F, 60 Blue Pool Road, Happy Valley (Hip Wo Lane Entrance)

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